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Site Selection

Incentis Group can support you in finding potential sites for new facilities that meet your physical requirements while keeping anonymity in place.


Location Analysis

If you are evaluating potential sites for new facilities, expansions, or consolidations of existing facilities, Incentis Group will analyze and compare critical factors that impact your company at each location.


Labor Market Analysis

An important factor for all companies to consider when making a location decision is the local Labor Market. Incentis Group takes a two-step approach when analyzing labor market conditions on behalf of our clients.


Tax Burden Analysis

A Tax Burden Analysis is an important tool that will present incentives within context of the overall tax burden. The analysis demonstrates the estimated tax burden over a specified time period both before and after the incentives impact.


Sensitivity Analysis

Incentis group conducts Sensitivity Analyses of select variables to determine which factors may have the largest impact on the costs at competing locations.