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Incentis Group provides advisory services that aid companies within various segments of their Site Selection Process. An important factor for all companies to consider when making a location decision is the local Labor Market. Incentis Group takes a two-step approach when analyzing labor market conditions on behalf of our clients:

A Phase I Labor Market Analysis compiles and analyzes statistical data regarding the labor markets in select local areas. The factors that will be addressed in the Phase I Analysis will include the following:

  • Labor Availability
  • Labor Costs
  • Union Presence
The Phase I Analysis provides a broad overview of the local labor market conditions and is usually appropriate in the early stages of a company’s site selection process.

A Phase II Labor Market Analysis gathers and analyzes primary data regarding the labor markets within local areas specifically selected by clients within their target states. This Phase will include actual surveys of employers within the selected areas regarding their respective labor markets. The factors that will be addressed in the Phase II Analysis will include the following:

  • Labor Availability – including recruiting area and time needed to identify and recruit candidates for targeted positions
  • Labor Costs - including average starting and one year wages for targeted positions, types of benefits and average costs of benefits
  • Labor Productivity – including interviewees’ subjective evaluation of labor quality, employee turnover, absenteeism and tardiness
  • Union Activity – including current union presence, recent employee organization attempts and successes, increase in unions, recent labor strikes/outages and recent decommissioning of unions in past 5 years
  • Other factors that may be important to the client