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Since inception in 1994, Advantax clients have benefited from a unique approach to property tax management – an unmatched strategy that’s comprehensive, credible, and fresh. We know that serving you is not about selling a quick fix. It’s about offering you the best solution, not only to solve the challenge at hand but also those down the road. This approach has helped Advantax’s client base grow to include some of the largest corporations in America.

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Game Winning Strategy - Personal Property Consulting

  • Personal property reverse audits
  • Appeals and negotiations
  • Audit defense
  • Fixed asset studies
  • Abatement/Exemption implementation
  • Site selection and expansion planning

Build A Solid Foundation - Real Property Consulting

  • Assessment review
  • Appeals and negotiations
  • Property tax cost segregation studies
  • Abatement/Exemption implementation
  • Site selection and expansion planning

A Balanced Approach To Value - Valuation Consulting

  • Obsolescence analysis
  • Property tax appraisals
  • Asset life and depreciation studies
  • Litigation support and expert testimony

Comparing Apples To Apples - Compliance Outsourcing

  • Property tax return preparation
  • Assessment reviews
  • Tax bill review and/or payment
  • Audit support
  • Asset management reviews
  • Management reporting

Transforming Your Process - Compliance Software

  • PTR by Advantax software
  • Implementation and training
  • Technical consulting
  • Research

The Advantax Advantage.

There's not much sex appeal in property tax management. However, for us, this is the world we're passionate about. In this world, we want to be unrivaled and that means being comprehensive, credible, and fresh.

Comprehensive. Some firms dabble with a little property tax, a little bit of this, and a little bit of that. At Advantax, we don’t dabble. All we do is property tax. Every base is covered within this niche, from compliance to assessment reviews to litigation support. Because of our national approach with regional presence, no matter where you are, you can expect the same quality results.

Credible. We believe that truth builds trust and trust builds relationships. We hire quality people with the highest personal values, drive and creativity. Our tax professionals have the right certifications, designations, and are proven experts in their field. We are people of integrity who tell the truth.

Fresh. We’re not afraid to ask tough questions, leverage new technologies, or think outside the box. We constantly look to find new ways for staying on top of changing laws and regulations in each jurisdiction.

Comprehensive. Credible. Fresh. It's the way we do business.