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An Enterprise Zone is a specific geographic area targeted for economic revitalizing. The purpose of Enterprise Zone programs is to encourage job creation and capital investment in areas of economic distress. The programs provide communities with an economic development tool to offer state and local incentives (tax and non-tax benefits) and program priority to new or expanding business in these designated areas.

At present, over 30 States administer enterprise zone programs as an additional economic development tool for communities attempting to retain and expand their economic base. Each state enterprise zone is different but these programs offer incentives generally for job creation and capital investment within zone boundaries. Due to the magnitude of state benefits as well as the number of jurisdictions with enterprise zone programs, the Incentis Group has a proprietary location based database to assist Companies determining location based incentives. Our proprietary software compares each company’s specific address to determine if the location is within the boundaries of a federal or state zone.

Incentis Group professionals structure incentives packages ensuring all possible incentive opportunities are considered and that creative ideas are presented directly to federal, state, and local economic development officials. Our professionals have secured hundreds of millions of dollars of benefits for companies, reducing start-up, expansion, consolidation, and on-going operating costs.

For more information on State Enterprise Zones and your specific project opportunities please use the request form.

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